some ship ask memes are just a little bit lacking so heres a new one

  • who controls the netflix account and what have they dominated the suggestions with by watching
  • who snores
  • who has an embarrassing ringtone that the other calls them in public just to get to go off
  • who sleeps on the top bunk if given the chance
  • who plays the piano at 6 in the morning to wake up the other 
  • who has accidentally set something on fire by attempting to cook a birthday meal 



Swan Queen shippers are basically in a constant state of:



And also


How can you not love her

Li’l Cora is the best.


"Each and every one of us has the capacity to be an oppressor. I want to encourage each and everyone of us to interrogate how we might be an oppressor and how we might be able to become liberators for ourselves and for each other."




It looks like the cover of one of those lesbian novels from the 1950s lol



So happy to be back to brunette! Thank you again to Rebecca at Goodform salon for taking me back to my roots!


Who dares to mess with books in Belle’s presence?!


It’s interesting that in the seance Emma is sitting between Regina & Hook, both representing different aspects and choices for her…Regina embodies her family, her son, the stable and “normal” life she has wanted since a little girl, while accepting her destiny as the Savior and thus her magical powers. Hook represents her loneliness while growing up, when she only had to take care of herself and she had no attachments - when she was a lost girl. When we see Emma’s first apartment (her former life) it’s empty…very impersonal and grey. Her current life is richer and fuller, with her son and her family. This is the connection Emma has to and with Regina…

The fact that she’s holding Hook’s ‘hook’ sends out an interesting message as well…the hook is detached and cold, impersonal and dangerous, describing who Hook is indeed. That’s who he is and will continue to be - he doesn’t want to move on (the issues with the JR and the fact he still dresses like a pirate speak for themselves), thus he will never have a real bond and link to Emma as Regina does.

And Hook/Snow/Charming is the real love triangle…