Pas de Deux - a fic by ninastougaard / art (+fanmix) by bowlerhatgirl


Regina and Emma both attend the New York Ballet School, run by Cora Mills. At the final showcase, where it will be determined if any company wants them, they have to do a pas de deux together. While working together secrets come out, feelings develop and a bond is formed. But a threat in form of Leopold White, a rich sponsor, is looming over Regina. Will Emma be able to help Regina, or will it end horribly wrong?

Pas de Deux - A Swan Queen Ballet Mix.

Honey - David Newman

Suite - James Newton Howard

Peanuts Medley Live: Linus & Lucy - Jon Schmidt

Viva La Love Story - Jon Schmidt

Attraversiamo - Dario Marianelli

A Midsummer’s Night Dream: Act 1. Scherzo - Felix Mendelssohn

Partita #3 in E Major - Johann Sebastian Bach

Map Of Your Head - Vitamin String Quartet



Follow The Lady - a fic by themillersdaughtersmistress / art (fanmix) by alinaandalion


Zelena is certain her old mentor convinced her long lost sister to do something terrible when Zelena refused, but has no idea where either of them are. She seeks out the help of Tamara, known only as ‘Ace’ in the Land Without Color, to combine magic and science to find her. Turns out, finding Zelena’s sister was the easy part.

1. “The Weight of Living, Part 1” - Bastille
2. “Silhouettes” - Of Monsters and Men
3. “Maybe Sprout Wings” - The Mountain Goats
4. “Devil May Cry” - The Weeknd
5. “Pressing Flowers” - The Civil Wars
6. “Ghosts That We Knew” - Mumford and Sons
7. “Shake It Out” - Florence + the Machine
8. “Things We Lost in the Fire” - Bastille
9. “Hope for the Hopeless” - A Fine Frenzy
10. “I Will Wait” - Mumford and Sons
11. “Spectrum” - Florence + the Machine
12. “The Weight of Love” - Snow Patrol
13. “Dust to Dust” - The Civil Wars
14. “Flaws” - Bastille
15. “After the Storm” - Mumford and Sons
16. “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder” - The Secret Sisters

Regina & Emma 4x01 Sneak Peek [x] [x]

Because once again I felt the brunt of heroism. Always the villain, even when I’m not.





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never forget white people did nothing first neither the best, they sleep and eat false propaganda,

Ugh, why the shit does that have to turn into a race thing? Why does EVERYTHING have to turn into a race thing?

because white people have made sure that everything is about race

as proved by the fact that when you say explorer, you think of a bunch of white guys walking the world and discovering it ~exotic wonders~ even though Zheng He travelled through Asia, to the Middle East, and even East Africa. But you’d likely never heard of him before.

Same reason you never heard of Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, an Arab traveller who, as early as the 10th century, went to the Volga area for diplomatic reasons. He wrote about it, much as Marco Polo would do later for his own travels, and is one of our sources on what viking were like (and by all accounts, he wrote about them more accurately than western scholars of the same period did)

Oh, or Ibn Battuta who travelled throughout Africa long before europeans did, and even went to Europe himself.

And that’s just some example of Muslim medieval travel writers

Everything is about race because white people keep telling everyone that their race is the only one who every got anything done.


swan queen/swan mills family parallel

3.20 || 4.01

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Jennifer Morrison & Lana Parrilla @ Screening Of ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” Season 4 - After Party



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you know what I want for emma? I don’t want someone chasing her, wearing down her walls until she finally surrenders. I don’t want to see someone push through those walls because we’ve seen it already, we’ve seen that love story with henry and mary margaret and it was fulfilling but it’s been done a billion times before

I want to see emma love on her own, not because someone is persistent or because people are pushing her toward someone. I want to see emma fall in love, and emma tear down her own walls and confront her fears and let herself feel. I want her to pursue someone because she’s found that she wants this person, not because she’s told that they’re right for her or because they’re present and convenient. I want her to fight for love and /get/ it, even when it’s not easy, and let her throw her whole self into it- by herself. because she chooses that person.

I want emma to be the one to choose, not be chosen.