WHAT IF the time travel takes Emma back to FTL and the wedding shown is Regina’s wedding to (barf) Leopold and she crashes it and punches her (barf) grandfather in the face and she and Regina ride off into the sunset on Rocinante?  And Regina trusts Emma because before the time travel spell happened she tattooed “Emma Swan is my constant” on her wrist and when Emma touches her it magically reappears…


Emma IWorryAboutMyWife Swan.

Something to Celebrate | Swan Queen & Swan-Mills Family


To queenderien.

Happy belated birthday, dear. A little something as promised.

Comme tu le vois, je suis un peu à la bourre. J’espère quand même que tu as eu une fête excellente comme vous dites chez vous, et mon cadeau fait parti du lot, même si en retard.

Tu m’avais demandée une histoire pleine de fluff, je n’ai pas eu trop le cœur, mais je pense que tu devrais y trouver ton bonheur.

Joyeux anniversaire, ma belle.


A warm thanks to alinaandalion for editing this story for me.

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The girls are never supposed to end up together.

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you’ll always have a soft spot for the first female actress to make you question your sexuality

original idea from snowqueenrachaelsa

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