I pick him. I pick Larry." - Piper Chapman

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SWAN QUEEN APPRECIATION WEEK ▹ day two; favorite moment(s)

But you, you believe I didn’t cast that curse. I know that wasn’t easy for you.
Sure, it was. I knew you were telling the truth.


All I want is an illicit affair with an older woman in a position of power, is that so much to ask?

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I so agree with this confessor, here…

I feel like beautiful characters have been trapped in a slaughterhouse, and it really fucking sucks…

In season 4, I hope Regina tells Robin (about Marian and Roland) “they’re your family; so go.” Soulmates does not equal True loves, IMHO, but it can mean having someone who recognizes and supports what your soul needs. More like a BroTP, Robin can tell her he supports her in seeking whoever truly makes her complete and happy. Just like Neal told Emma he just wants her to be happy, even if it isn’t with him. Neal messed Emma up, honestly, but he didn’t try to become Emma’s plus-one once he got back to Storybrooke, he just tried to be a father to Henry, and Emma’s friend, letting her set the parameters.

It’s more appropriate characterization for BOTH Emma and Regina to have people in general their lives who SUPPORT them having happiness, rather than men who think they OWN the key to it. Emma and Regina can provide their own keys (“The only person who saves me is me” is just as true for Regina as it is for Emma). THAT would be a nice change-up from the usual fairytale. For Emma, now that Neal’s gone, her neutral supporter IMHO is Charming, NOT Hook. Hook wants her for himself, not for herself. He still lies and still cheats, and still does it TO HER FACE.

Right now, neither Emma or Regina has chosen Hook or Hood. They’ve simply “defaulted” to them and that sucks the vibrant take-charge characterizations right out of both of women.

Captain Swan fans, if they actually gave a damn about Emma instead just in it to imagine themselves in her shoes with “hunky studly” Hook, they would recognize that Hook is using Emma and lying to her, and that will hurt her worse when those lies come out than even August and Neal hurt her when they left her to face the future alone and pregnant in a jail cell.

Though he could do that too. Because, really? Hook raising a kid? His scenes with Henry were laughable, and not because Henry was clearly annoyed by this guy in guyliner and old stale leathers trying to relate to him through his father, because there was only the vibe of “I gotta keep you busy so I can get in your momma’s pants” oozing out of every movement Hook made. Hook actually made me think of a creepy sexual predator in those scenes with Henry and I gotta tell you, THAT is FUCKED.

Robin is a pathetic single father trope, a more benign version of Leopold who got a nanny for his daughter in Regina. And Regina doesn’t deserve that again. Hood is helpless about his kid until the woman comes along just needy enough to step in and help him out of his jams. The fact that Regina has a great ass is his motivation for not seeing her as evil? Regina is NOT a body. In this version of the fairytale, she did not want to kill Snow White because she was vain and the girl was prettier than her. The writers established Regina wanted her dead because of her role in Daniel’s death. Messed up psychologically, yes. But the writers seem to conveniently forget that here and demean her unforgivably making her an object of sexual lust. Regina is beautiful, yes, but when you’re talking of transforming woman who was The Evil Queen *here*, you should be discussing how her behavior is admirable, not her looks. A “great ass” style pick up line is WAY out of line. It makes Hood as shallow as Hook with his line to Emma “I usually like to do other things with a woman on her back”.

To even have Regina give this guy a fucking second look simply because of some tattoo is demeaning to her and to every woman who ever worked to make herself better inside only to have someone tell her she still wasn’t pretty on the outside.

It is fucked up for a series that was supposedly about strong women making their own choices and telling people to make their own paths and happiness “because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.”

Yes, now there are fairies, but that’s beside the point. You don’t turn a characterization on a dime in a plot, just because you fucking want to pair someone up. When a reader picks up a romance novel, and the reader knows the two leads will get together, regardless of the starting circumstances this is the genre expectation. However, the characters are NOT supposed to think that — they’re supposed to be working at other more personal, more immediate goals, and just happen to fall in love.

THIS is why I ship Swan Queen, even more strongly now. Because these women came into this story with other goals at cross purposes — like the historical romance trope of the landowner who demands the father pay the overdue sharecropping bill or lose the house. The eldest daughter, who has been running things because her father’s so ill, makes a deal to have the money, the landowner gives her an ultimatum, and then keeps checking back on her, watching her struggle, coming to admire her, feeling guilty when she’s nearly broken, but then watches her meet his demands on her own, and realizes he wants to marry her, this strong, beautiful, brave woman who told him to “fuck off” for months.

Because of wanting to love and be loved by Henry both Emma and Regina have strengthened who they are and who they want to be (better versions of themselves). And they’ve watched each other struggle with that development. There’s no doubt that “That’s a woman who is trying to change, she just wants everyone else to see it.” and “I can give you one [a happy ending]. My gift to you.. and Henry… is a good life. You’ll have always raised him. You’ll have never given him up” are each woman seeing how much the other has struggled and confirming that someone admires them for that.

So by god, wouldn’t it be a surprise and a half and the perfect HEA romance ending for Emma and Regina to realize that they had fallen in love with each other after everything they’ve been through, both separately and together?

And Henry can finally have the core family together that he has always wanted, the two women who made him “the truest believer” that he is.



“What is significant about fan fiction is that it often spins the kind of stories that showrunners wouldn’t think to tell, because fanficcers often come from a different demographic. The discomfort seems to be not that the shows are being reinterpreted by fans, but that they are being reinterpreted by the wrong sorts of fans - women, people of colour, queer kids, horny teenagers, people who are not professional writers, people who actually care about continuity (sorry). The proper way for cultural mythmaking to progress, it is implied, is for privileged men to recreate the works of privileged men from previous generations whilst everyone else listens quietly.”



one of my favorite ron swanson lines


imo if parents dont respect their kids then they dont deserve respect from their kids. im tired of people thinking that its normal for parents to treat their children like property or like they dont have feelings. im tired of people thinking that overprotective parents arent harmful. treat your children like people because thats what they ARE

Once Upon A Time | Frozen

Once Upon a Time: now with 120% more straight white people

kalindas: Re: Gayzolli. Is there any earthly reason that they basically live together? (THEY ARE MARRIED) I'm close with my bff, but we don't wake up in the same house every morning, in general. Like, purely from a storyline point of view, has that been addressed? 'Cause, come on. The heterosexuality of these two is outstanding. 

GAH, I know right?  This show truly fascinates me.  I mean, JFC we should all be so lucky to have a best friend like that, not to mention this same person as a co-worker and/or a spouse.  

With all the (rightful) criticism it does get for queerbaiting, I *do* like the fact that they seem to be trying to say that even if you are a full-on heterosexual woman that your relationship with your man or whatever is not the only primary relationship you need in your life and could be equal or entirely secondary to other relationships with your friends and family, etc.

And it’s not because either of them can’t keep a man or whatever but because this is how they *choose* to live, how they want/need to live, with their jobs and with each other.

But that being said, COME ON.  The relationship I described above is a total romantic friendship, like Cristina and Meredith on Grey’s.  Compare Rizzles to them and that whole argument I made falls apart, because Rizzles? They’re totally in lurrrve with each other, the forsaking all others til death do us part at Fenway Park kind of lurrrve.


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Maura: You look…not like you at all.
Jane: Yeah. What’s the vibe you’re getting? Like…stuffy, uptight, professional?
Maura: Wait a minute. That’s…that’s my suit. And what do you mean, “stuffy”? And that’s my blouse.
Jane: Well, I didn’t think you would mind. I’ve never seen you wear this outfit.
Maura: Well, because it isn’t an outfit. That blouse is evening-wear, and the suit is for work, which is why the skirt is knee-length. Or, at least, it’s supposed to be.