"I’m the Evil Queen… I mean, I’m Lana Parrilla."


why do people keep making the a in lgbtqia stand for ally? not being racist doesn’t make you a person of color. being nice to people with disabilities doesn’t give you permission to park in a handicapped spot. why would being an ally make you lgbt? an ally is by definition someone on the outside who is helping out. in world war ii did the allied countries automatically become one country just because they were helping each other? are england and france a part of poland now? no. this isn’t a difficult concept.

make me chooseanonymous asked Regina/Henry or and Emma/Henry?



I set up a cheap rig for watching Netflix and such in the shower.

This is our future.

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If you catch my drift... ;)

And then she gets it.


I think Regina made the wrong choice in cardiac security. I know who I’d pick. 


“There isn’t a single part on a woman that is not worth kissing.”
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